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Care Home Fee Planning

This is a popular topic now that people tend to enjoy longer lives. Regrettably this doesn’t always mean a person can continue to stay in their own home and it may be the case that as their health fails, the need for professional care arises. Sometimes people may prefer the companionship that a care home provides free from the worry of living and coping alone. Whatever the situation, we can provide advice concerning how care fees are assessed and what can be done to reduce the burden, including putting you in touch with financial advisers who may be able to recommend suitable options. In some cases equity can be released from a property to fund a ‘live in’ carer, and this is something we are also able to advise on. We never advise on vigorous anti-care fee avoidance schemes and urge all clients to exercise caution where these are concerned. As with most things in life, what seems too good to be true usually is.


Inheritance Tax Planning

If inheritance tax (‘IHT’) is likely to be an issue then we can advise on a way of reducing the liability. Sometimes this can also be done after a person has passed away. Again, we would never advise a client to adopt anti-avoidance measures, but often there are strategies which enable you to pass on more of your wealth to your family rather than the Government.

Commissioners for Oaths

We are Commissioners for Oaths and as such can swear affidavits, oaths and statutory declarations. We also undertake the drafting of such documents where required. We can also certify documents if required.

Severance of Joint Tenancies

Although this usually arises in the context of Wills and IHT planning, it is sometimes the case that property is held jointly as ‘joint tenants’, which means that it passes automatically to the surviving co-owner(s) when one owner dies. This can be contrary to what you may wish to happen e.g. in cases of divorce, separation or estrangement. Sometimes it is preferable for property (and this can include bank accounts and investments etc) to be held as ‘tenants-in-common’, where each owner holds a distinct and definable share in the assets and which passes in accordance with their Will (or the intestacy rules if there is no Will).


We can advise on how a joint tenancy can be severed and whether a tenancy-in-common is preferable.

Helping with Paperwork

It is easy to feel as if you are drowning in paperwork … despite companies adopting various policies to be ‘greener’ and cutting down on the amount of paper they send through the post, it is very easy to become inundated with paperwork and to try and make sense of it.

We love creating order out of chaos and are happy to help you sort through paperwork to decide what is relevant and what can be thrown away. We can help you on a one-off basis, either advising you on the contents of a letter or helping you fill in a form, for instance, or we can help you put a mountain of paperwork into order. No job is too small or too big!

Managing your affairs and finances

We all often have spells of feeling overwhelmed by life, and sometimes wish somebody would just do it all for us! If you feel you need a hand with managing your financial or personal affairs then please contact us to see how we can help you. You may want a hand with a one-off thing or help over a longer period, perhaps while you are in hospital or recovering from an operation.

Specialists Solicitors for the elderly & official member of ‘STEP’ 


The Wills, Probate & Elderly Client Specialist

We are a niche practice specialising in Wills, estate administration (commonly known as ‘probate’) and matters affecting older people such as Powers of Attorney.


The owner of the firm is Luisa Nicholson, who qualified as a Solicitor in 2003.  In 2013 she was appointed HM Assistant Coroner for Exeter and Greater Devon.


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Powers of Attorney

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