Except in the most minimal of circumstances it is likely that you will need a Will. There are numerous common misconceptions that a Will is not required if you are married, living with a partner, have children, don’t have children, don’t own a property or are not ‘wealthy’. In fact, you need a Will if any of these circumstances apply to you, since without one the law dictates where your estate will pass to under the ‘rules of intestacy’. The rules state that your estate will pass to your relatives in a strict order, which could mean that relatives you do not like or are not even aware of may inherit your estate. If no relatives survive then your estate may pass to the Crown.


The obvious benefit of making a Will is that your estate will be distributed in accordance with how you want it to pass, so any gifts you wish to make to friends, charities etc will be recognised. You are also able to say who you want to deal with your estate (known as ‘Executors’) and if you have young children you can appoint Guardians to look after them – this will prevent the intervention of the Court in deciding who will raise your children and where they will live.


If inheritance tax is likely to be an issue then certain measures can be included in the Will, which can reduce the amount of tax payable.

Leave it to the professionals

It is another misconception that Wills are expensive and that you can write one yourself. A ‘DIY’ kit from the supermarket or newsagent is not going to do the job – a Will is a complicated legal document which requires legal training in order to be valid and effective. If you wouldn’t dream of servicing your own car or gas boiler, why would you consider making your own Will? Many people make this mistake, and as a consequence leave their family to sort out the mess which inevitably arises once they have passed away. Errors in homemade Wills such as incorrect or ambiguous wording, making alterations at a later date or losing the original all lead to expensive legal fees which may have been avoided if a Solicitor had been used to write the Will in the first place.

Don't put it off - the process is simple

Many people put off making a Will because they believe that it will be a complicated, expensive process or may even ‘tempt Fate’. Please do not make this mistake. The process is simple and straightforward and unlikely to cost as much as you think. Following an initial meeting (which usually takes no more than half an hour) you will be sent a draft Will for you to read through. Unless any amendments are required, a further appointment is made for you to return to the office to sign the actual Will. You will then be sent a copy of the Will for your own records together with our invoice. All this can be done in a timeframe to suit you.


If you already have a Will then we will happily review it for you free of charge. There is no hard sell and no obligation to make a new Will – we will tell you whether or not it is necessary.

Charges & fees

We charge £120 plus VAT for a simple Will for one person, where there is no requirement for trusts or inheritance tax planning. Straightforward Wills for two people (e.g. a married couple who require what is often known as ‘mirror Wills’ cost £180 plus VAT for the two. If it is necessary to include trusts in the Wills or to include measures to make the Wills more tax effective then we would be able to provide you with a quote once we have had the opportunity to meet you and discuss your requirements in more detail.

“Excellent professional service from Luisa Nicholson and her colleagues. Luisa was very thorough and I was kept informed at every stage. Would highly recommend this Solicitors”

Mr P K Haskin, Brixham

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We are a niche practice specialising in Wills, estate administration (commonly known as ‘probate’) and matters affecting older people such as Powers of Attorney.


The owner of the firm is Luisa Nicholson, who qualified as a Solicitor in 2003.  In 2013 she was appointed HM Assistant Coroner for Exeter and Greater Devon.


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